“Resilience” is defined as the ability of something to withstand change or difficulties.  If you are a farmer, you have already honed this skill – constantly adapting to changes in markets, regulations, and weather over the years. Now climate change has introduced new difficulties. We have already experienced increased temperatures and higher intensity rainfall events…these and other impacts are expected to continue into the future.

The Snohomish Conservation District is working with our agricultural community to develop an Ag Resilience Plan that is a roadmap for adapting to these changes.

We expect the plan to answer questions like “how often will I be flooded?”, “will the groundwater table be higher?”, “how will sea level rise impact my drainage?”, “will irrigation water be available during droughts?”, “how can I take advantage of a longer growing season and higher CO2 levels?”, “what funding is available to help me adapt?”

In this initial phase of the project, we are asking farmers and community members for feedback on the following so we can tailor our research to your needs:

  • What challenges are you facing?
  • What information do you need to help you plan for risk into the future?
  • What are your infra-structure and/or drainage needs?

We appreciate your feedback!  Please email or call Cindy Dittbrenner or Bobbi Lindemulder with your responses to the above questions or if you have questions about the project.

Cindy Dittbrenner, cindy(at)snohomishcd.org, 425-377-7005

Bobbi Lindemulder, bobbi(at)snohomishcd.org, 425-377-7003

Partners:  Sustainable Lands Strategy members, The Nature Conservancy, University of Washington, Snohomish County, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Geological Survey