Farming Into The Future

Farmers will have the opportunity to work together to incorporate the results from the Impact Assessment into prioritization of farmland, on-the-ground projects, and updated management techniques that increase agriculture’s resilience and viability.


  Bruce Gregory

Bruce Gregory

Resilience to changes in water availability and rising temperatures can be improved on individual farms through implementation of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) or adaptations in management techniques. In addition, farmers can manage their farm to take advantage of a lengthening growing season and higher temperatures and CO2 levels.

  • On-farm practices could include soil management practices, selection or hybridization of crops, multi-story cropping techniques, and water storage techniques
  • Funding will be solicited for implementation of BMPs and new farming techniques


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Funding provided by: NOAA, Stillaguamish River Lead Entity, ESRP, and Floodplains by Design