On-The-Ground Projects

Farmers will have the opportunity to work together to incorporate the results from the Impact Assessment into prioritization of farmland, on-the-ground projects, and updated management techniques that increase agriculture’s resilience and viability.


King conservation district

King conservation district

Resilience Projects:

Changes in flooding and groundwater levels could result in needed infrastructure improvements for drainage and protection from flood waters and rising sea levels. In addition, changes in snow accumulation and the timing of precipitation and runoff could necessitate drought resilience improvements.

  • Drainage improvements could include improved pumping options, upland water storage, protection from flood waters, dike improvements, and ditch cleaning
  • Drought resilience improvements could include water rights acquisition/banking, water storage, irrigation efficiencies, and groundwater infiltration and recharge projects
  • Funding will be solicited for project design and construction


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Funding provided by: National Estuary Program, NOAA, Stillaguamish River Lead Entity, Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, and Floodplains by Design