Congratulations to Joanie Pryor as the 2019 Cascade Award Recipient!

The Cascade Award honors those who have a beautiful, sustainable, Lake-Friendly garden or landscape. 

If you’re proud of your own lake-friendly yard or know someone who is, please submit their names for the Cascade Award! All residents of the city of Lake Stevens are eligible for this award. One doesn’t need to live on the lake’s edge to qualify. We ALL play a role in the health of our lake! Next year’s nomination period will take place during the early summer months.

The 'I Love Lake' Campaign

Celebrating and Protecting the Lake we all Love

The I Love Lake Campaign promotes the positive actions homeowners can take to prevent algal blooms. Unfortunately, Lake Stevens has high levels of phosphorus- a natural nutrient that all plants need to grow. However, in excess, it causes problematic algal blooms.

From the old aerator to the current alum treatments, The City of Lake Stevens and Snohomish County have worked together to manage algae so that people can safely recreate and enjoy a clean, clear lake.  While the current alum treatments are effective in temporarily reducing algal blooms, they are costly, and only serve as a short-term solution. We can't solve the algae issue unless we tackle the sources of phosphorus, and it takes each of us doing our part every day. The good news- there are many small steps we can each take that make a difference! 

Causes of Algae Blooms:

  • Excessive or improper application of fertilizer that contains phosphorus.

  • Fecals - water fowl (especially where they are habitually fed), faulty septic systems, and pet waste.

  • Lawn clippings dumped into ditches or streams.

  • Soap from home car washing.

  • Exposed soil, which can wash into water bodies with storms.

Explore our programs to learn how you can help reduce algae.

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