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Upcoming board meetings, meeting minutes and agendas, and election information can be found on our District Business page.

Photo of Board Chair, Mark Craven

Mark Craven, Chair

Photo of Board Member, Jeff Ellingsen

Jeff Ellingsen, Vice Chair

Photo of Board Auditor, Steve VanValkenburg

Steve VanValkenburg, Auditor

Photo of Board Treasurer, Karl Hereth

Libby Reed, Secretary-Treasurer


Clayton Smith, Associate Supervisor

  • Hometown: Sultan, WA

  • csmith(at)

Photo of Board Vice-Chair, Adam Farnham

Adam Farnham, Member

Photo of Board Associate Supervisor, Duane Weston

Duane Weston, Associate Supervisor

Visit our District Business page to stay up to date on Board meeting dates, times and agendas, as well as election information.