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The SCD and its Board of Supervisors proposed a revised assessment based on RCW 89.08.405 system of rates and charges, recognizing that different land uses have differing conservation needs, receive differing benefits, and should be charged at differing rates. The current annual rate is a flat $5/parcel plus $.05/acre per year, which will end on December 31, 2019. The approved rate, beginning January 1, 2020, will be a range of charges up to $5/parcel plus up to $.10/acre per year. Resource designated forest land would range up to an amount not to exceed $3.00 per forest landowner plus 10% of the weighted average of acreage charges imposed on all other land use categories. The District presented the assessment proposal to the Island County Commissioners on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 and they unanimously approved the proposed rate.

So, THANK YOU, for communicating your requests, comments, and thoughts to the Island County Commissioners. We look forward to serving you for another 10 years!

For more information, contact SCD at kathryn@snohomishcd.org / 425-377-7024.

For over 78 years, the Snohomish Conservation District has been on the cutting edge of agriculture, habitat restoration and community conservation. With a growing population and increased pressure on our natural resources, the District has developed a proposal to meet the demands of a diverse and changing environment.

Rates & Assessment Information

Snohomish County

From 2010-2017, the District received a $5 per parcel (+$0.05/acre) assessment. In 2018, a $6 rate (+$0.06/acre) was approved by Snohomish County Council, and for 2019, a $7 rate (+$0.07/acre) was approved by the Snohomish County Council. For 2020, the District is proposing a single year increase to $8 per parcel (+ $.08/acre).

The District will continue to propose a continuation of this incremental approach, to increase $1 per year until we reach $10 per parcel (+$0.10/acre), to ensure that services can continue to be provided for our local communities into the future.

Island County/Camano Island

We received an assessment of $5/parcel and $0.05/acre to fund services for residents of Camano Island. Camano Island is currently under a ten year assessment (2010-2020) for the Snohomish Conservation District to provide services including technical assistance to rural residential, farm, and forestry landowners, education and outreach, soil testing, and other natural resource-related assistance. And, effective January 2020, we will be moving to a rate system for the next 10 years as noted above.

**Conservation Districts are authorized to receive a special assessment under RCW 89.08.400.

Events and Meetings

Public comment is always welcome at our monthly board meetings held on the third Tuesday. You can find the meeting schedule on our District Business page.

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