2019 Cascade Award Winner, Finalists and Lakeside Celebration

For the second year in a row, the City of Lake Stevens and Snohomish Conservation District (SCD) have partnered in recognizing local home owners/dwellers for the Cascade Award. Finalists for the 2019 Cascade Award, pictured below, all had lovely gardens and unique ways of supporting both beautiful and sustainable gardening practices. Leah Everett from the City of Lake Stevens and Kari Quaas from SCD were treated to several hours of delightful garden tours.

Click their names to see some wonderful photos from their unique gardens!

Finalists for the Cascade Award are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Visual appeal

  • Stormwater infiltration practices

  • Diversity of plants

  • Smart watering

  • Mulched garden beds

  • Right plant, right place

  • Minimal chemical use

All residents of Lake Stevens are eligible regardless of where they live within the city. All of our actions work together to help protect the lake we love.

This year’s celebration event was held in conjunction with the North Cascades Crew BBQ and Community Open House. Earlier this year, they opened the newly built and dedicated, Joe Rantz Boathouse. Joe Rantz was one of The Boys in the Boat crew members who won the 1936 Olympic Gold Medal in front of Hitler. His daughter, and his granddaughter were at the event on Sunday, August 25.

We are grateful to the many partners who love Lake Stevens and take actions to protect it. For more information about how you an take care of the lake, visit the I Love Lake page on this website or like our Facebook page. We will reopen the nominations for the 2020 or 3rd annual Cascade Award in the spring. Thanks for your interest in this super program!