Camano Island is a unique and beautiful place. Like many other islands in the Puget Sound, water quality and quantity can be adversely affected by expanding populations - of both people and livestock. If you live or work in the Camano Island watershed, District staff can help you manage your farm, protect water quality, promote fish & wildlife habitat, and address other issues on your property. Need help funding your project? Depending what your project is, the Conservation District may be able to share some of the costs.

Camano Island Assessment

If your neighborhood isn't covered in one of our special project areas, don't worry we can still help. 

The assessment funding allows Snohomish Conservation District to provide our full range of services to Camano Islanders who live outside of a grant area or when a grant ends. The assessment also allows us to stretch grant funding a little further.

Snohomish Conservation District is increasing its focus on water conservation on Camano Island. Water conservation is especially important living on a sole source aquifer as Camano Islanders do. We provide cost-share funding for rainwater catchment cisterns and are making our way around to the Camano Island water associations to make sure everyone knows that technical and financial assistance is available. You can help by telling your private well neighbors and having your water association secretary call Kathryn at 425-377-7024

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