Better Way to Track Plant A Row Donations

We’re happy to announce that the Snohomish Conservation District is rolling out new and more efficient reporting methods for the Plant A Row program, as well as new incentives for the public to donate fruit or produce to the Snohomish County food banks.

New reporting methods: 

  • In early August, we will be distributing acrylic boxes to each of the 19 different food banks we list on our website that participate in the Plant A Row program. 

  • Each food bank will have wooden coins to be dropped in the box each time someone comes to donate to the program. More coins equals more food given to those in need!

  • On this box, there will be a QR code for the donor to scan with their smartphone. Once scanned, a web page will load where they may self-report their name, the amount of pounds donated, and the food bank location. If the donor doesn’t have a smartphone, they can call 425 377 7028 or email to provide that information. 

New donation incentives: 

View more art by local youth by clicking the image.

View more art by local youth by clicking the image.

  • Partnering with school art classes in Snohomish County, the Plant A Row program is going to be able to provide a one-time donor with a free sticker containing a food themed artistic design made by students in Snohomish County. 

  • For Donors who donate 30 pounds of fruit or produce, they will be able to receive a yard sign with a food-themed artistic design done by local students, showing others that they participate in participate in the Plant A Row program. Keep an eye on our website, as we will be posting examples of each incentive shortly, as well as an updated instructional video of this new donation tracking process.

Feedback about our new process

Cameron Coronado

“Very easy to use, very user friendly. I entered in a couple donations. The first time I used the next button, and another time I hit the enter key which also worked great” (when going through the process of reporting a donation). 

“I also liked the auto populate feature when searching for the foodbank you donated to as well as the option of the dropdown menu.” 

Marni Swart

Question 1: Overall perspective and testimonial on the process of the new Plant A Row donation tracker:

Super fast and easy to use online platform. I loved seeing the total amount donated at the end of the submission form. It inspires me to want to keep adding to that number and working together with my community to increase the amount of local, nutritious garden bounty available at our local food banks.

Question 2: Aspects of this process which are potentially confusing or could be improved upon:

It might be easier if it was just one form with one click, versus clicking through after each input. But It was straightforward and the instructions were clear.

Questions 3: Where you would potentially use the stickers or yard signs given as incentives for the donations of fruit or produce to Snohomish County food banks:

I would love a yard sign to put up in my front yard garden and would love to see them all over Snohomish County! I think kids would love the stickers and would be a fun way to get them involved with growing and harvesting food for the food bank.