Public Meeting Held on Camano Island

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Click to download as a PDF

A small but lively group of Camano Islanders joined District Managers Monte Marti and Matt Zupich of Snohomish and Whidbey Island Conservation Districts, respectively, to discuss the Districts' proposal to renew and update the funding they receive from Island County.

The current annual rate is a flat $5/parcel plus$.05/acre. Recognizing that different land uses have differing conservation needs, receive differing benefits, and should be charged at differing rates, the Districts' proposed rates will be a range of charges up to $5/parcel plus up to $.10/acre.

The group in attendance supported the change, and asked questions about how the rate funding for the districts is divided between the two islands. (Answer: Snohomish Conservation District receives its funding for Camano Island from Camano Island property owners. Whidbey Island Conservation District receives its funding from Whidbey Island property owners.)

Being very aware of the need for water conservation on the island, the group asked questions about resources for water conservation, both on a water system scale and an individual scale. SCD remains committed to helping residents set up rainwater catchment systems as one aspect of water conservation. If you would like to learn more about the rate proposal or our services for Camano Islanders, please contact Kathryn at or call 425-377-7024.