Plant A Row and Art with A Purpose Collaboration

This time of year is getting to be the last chance to sow seeds for the food bank and the Plant A Row Program. The Snohomish Conservation District offers free plant a row stickers for first time donors, showing passersby that you participate in your yard or on your coffee mug! These will be available at the Snohomish County food banks. Donors can receive a larger yard sign as well, for extensive donations with substantial pounds of fruit or produce reported by the donor to the food bank, and to the Snohomish Conservation District, through email at

Additionally, the artwork featured on these signs were created by kids from art classes at four local schools in Snohomish County. The teachers and students worked in collaboration with the Snohomish Conservation District’s “Plant A Row” initiative to raise awareness and participation of growing food for 19 different food banks in Snohomish County. (Sign up here).

The Plant A Row program offers free vegetable seeds, in exchange for agreeing to donate one row of fruit or produce grown to a participating food bank in Snohomish County. Included below is a link to a map with the participating food banks.