Land Building Is A Legacy Project - A Day at Paca Pride

On Thursday, July 18th a dozen or so attendees were treated to a farm tour led by David Capocci of Paca Pride Guest Ranch. David is a former IT person who jumped out of the big city and bought land, that for all intents and purposes, was a sand pit in 2007. Twelve years later, he has turned his property into a thriving and regenerative system of agriculture featuring alpacas, chickens and some turkeys.

All outputs become inputs.

Carrie and Kari from Snohomish Conservation District were treated to a tour in the winter time, and with David’s help, found this summer day to educate people curious about regenerative agriculture - a way of farming that regenerates the land.

We hope to have the opportunity to do another farm tour and classroom session like this again. David is so passionate about what he does and is joyfully willing to teach others. Here are some photos from our day on the farm.

If you want to have Carrie out for a site visit to your property to discuss your regenerative agriculture ideas, please reach out to her at or by phone at 425-377-7014. Also, David can be reached at Paca Pride Guest Ranch at or by phone at 360-691-3395.