Kristoferson Update - Week One

Konnerup Construction has mobilized to the site and has begun minor work at the lower site. Barnum/Triangle Bay Road is closed while the contractor is on-site delivering materials and completing some other preparation work (those white sacks, called supersacks, are huge and heavy and are off-loaded with an excavator). Excavation will begin on Tuesday, but as of now, please consider Barnum/Russell Rd. an active construction site. Barnum/Russell Rd. may be re-opened as early as Thursday, September 13th (but it could be later). I expect that even after the road is re-opened, the road will be gravel where the culvert was replaced for the near-term.

Please take note of the road barriers and do not drive or park beyond them. There will be a lot of heavy equipment and trucks running starting Tuesday and we need the road clear so the contractor can safely do their job. Please do not walk beyond the road barriers to observe construction.

For project updates, please reach out to Kristin.

Kristin Marshall, Senior Habitat Restoration Specialist
Snohomish Conservation District

(425) 377-7017 /