Construction Timing: Kristoferson Creek Culvert Replacement

Details of the Upcoming Construction Period

Construction of the Kristoferson Creek Fish Passage project appears to be on schedule to begin on Tuesday, September 4th, although you may begin to see "things happening" beginning Thursday, August 30th.


As of last week, the contractor (Konnerup Construction Inc.) was planning to begin work at the Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road crossing on Tuesday with the road closure of Barnum/Triangle Bay Rd. beginning on Tuesday or Wednesday, September 4th or 5th. You will start to see signs posted as early as Thursday, August 30th indicating the impending road closure.

There is an ongoing strike that impacts certain types of equipment operators in Western Washington; it is possible that the strike could impact construction timelines on the Kristoferson Creek project, but the contractor has not notified the Conservation District of any delays at this time.

What to expect during construction:

  • The contractor estimated that each stream crossing replacement could take up to two weeks (road closure for the entire two-week period is unlikely but possible). I will provide updates weekly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from here on out.
  • During construction, a small section (approximately a few hundred feet) of the road that they are working on will be completely closed to traffic (walking, vehicular) and traffic will be directed by signs to the detour route (there will not be any flaggers re-routing traffic). The culvert replacement requires the contractor to excavate a trench along the full length of the stream where the culvert will be placed, so there will be no way to cross the road. Beyond the several hundred feet of road closure for construction activity, the road will remain open, although there will be construction traffic (primarily dump trucks transporting rock and other materials).
  • The contractor will alternate road closures, so you will be able to use Russell Road while Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road is closed, and use Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road while Russell Road is closed.
  • Please note that during the Russell Road closure, official detour signs and route direct Russell Road traffic to use NE Camano Drive, Shumway Road, Sunrise Blvd.; however, you will also be able to Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road and Sapphire Road. See the maps on our website.
  • The contractor had planned to begin work at the Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road first, then move to the Russell Road crossing. The Conservation District has not been notified at this time that the construction worker strike has impacted their start date or the order of construction, although they do need a crane to offload and install the concrete box culvert at Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road, so it is possible that the construction schedule will change. I will provide an update on Thursday or Friday.
  • You can expect to see increased truck traffic on Russell Road, Barnum Road/Triangle Bay Road, and Sunrise Blvd. transporting materials to and from the construction sites during the entire approximately four week construction period.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. My office phone will be forwarded to my cell phone during construction (during regular business hours), so you will be able to reach me during business hours by calling 425-377-7017 even if I am at the project site (technology is great). The 24-hour emergency contact information will be posted at the construction site on Thursday.

There were some questions at the August 9th public meeting and subsequent calls that I will follow-up on as construction continues via these updates and our project webpage.

Kristin Marshall
Senior Habitat Restoration Specialist
Snohomish Conservation District
(425) 377-7017