2017 Lawns to Lettuce Kick-off Event

In the pouring rain, almost 40 homeowners gathered for this year's first Lawns to Lettuce workshop, in the garden of Terry Myer, coordinator for the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce and the online community, Being Neighborly Lake Stevens

In addition to sharing how she transformed her lawn to edibles in one growing season (with a bumper crop of over 2,000 pounds of produce to the food bank), Terry talked about her recent participation in the I Love the Lake Home Certification program, and how she did simple things at home that make a difference in our community. 

As the first recipient of the Lawns to Lettuce cost-share program, Snohomish Conservation District donated and installed 4 rain barrels that will put our winter rains to use as a resource, and not a source of polluted runoff into our lakes and streams.   

Participants at the workshop also had a lot of fun building their own barrel to take home. If you are interested in getting on our mailing list for upcoming rain barrel events, please sign up here.