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Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm for our rain barrel program!  Rain barrels are simple way to collect rain water that may be used during times of drought to help save you money and conserve water. They also help divert water away from your home.

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2 Decorative rain barrels

Why rain barrels?

Rain barrels capture water from your roof to use at a later time - like during the hot summer months when you need to water your garden. “Harvesting” rain like this also prevents water from becoming runoff that carries pollutants from the road into our rivers, lakes, and other natural water bodies.

Why should I install a rain barrel?

There are many benefits to harvesting water with rain barrels. In addition to helping you conserve water, rain barrels can you to:

  • Cut your household use of water during the hot summer months.
  • Water your plants with chlorine-free rainwater that they prefer.
  • Clean your car, bike, tools, etc. without ever using the faucet.
  • Provide water to livestock.
  • Save money on water bills.
  • Protect local streams and Puget Sound.

Watch and learn:

Learn more about building and installing rain barrels in this great video series! 

  1. How to Build: A Rain Barrel
  2. How to Build: Multi-Barrel Rain Water Collection System
  3. Rain Water Collection Cistern Examples in Puget Sound

Looking for information on how to install and care for your rain barrel? Hop on over to this page to learn more.