The Grass is Growing: T-Sum 200 has been reached

✓ As of 2/7/2016 T-Sum has reached 200 in Snohomish.

✓ As of 2/5/2016 T-Sum has reached 200 in Stanwood.

When Do Grass & Weeds Begin to Grow in The New Year?

It all depends on how warm the soil is. Soil temperature determines whether soil microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, are active or not. These organisms transform the raw materials of the soil into available nutrients for plant roots. No plants will grow without active soil organisms to help them.

Soil temperature mirrors air temperature. So instead of putting a thermometer in the ground, you can track a formulacalled “T-Sum 200” to know when grass, and other plants like weeds will begin to grow.  

When T-Sum is Achieved, What Next?

When T-Sum 200 is close, you may want to do a soil test to determine your fertility needs. This is also a good time to observe the population of weeds in your pasture or yard because they’ll be waking up, too. If your landscape is small enough and weeds are not overwhelming, pulling them out by hand is best.  Another option would be to encourage optimum grass growth so that the grass out-competes the weeds. You can spread a light layer of compost on both pasture and lawns to boost soil and plant health. If you choose to use herbicide,. keep in mind that plants(like blackberries) need to be growing very actively for chemicals to be effective. 

For more information on correct herbicide application, follow product label guidelines.

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