Help Students Plant the Future: Donate Plants

Students Planting the Future is a new program that enables community members to donate native plants directly to school restoration projects, enabling students to beautify and improve the ecological function of their campus.

By restoring school grounds with native species, students get to engage in hands-on, project-based learning that makes a real difference in their community. 

Unfortunately, one of the barriers teachers face is a lack of funding to support these types of projects. We hope to break down this barrier by connecting these schools to willing donors – like you! 100% of your plant donations will go towards the school project you select.

Will you help plant the future? Get inspired by reading about the projects below and donate today .

Mukilteo Elementary Plants the Future

Support the students at Mukilteo Elementary in their transformation of a native growth area into an outdoor classroom.

In 2012, when a 10+ acre clear-cut took down the forest next to the playground, students at Mukilteo Elementary turned their disappointment into creating the Mukilteo Outdoor Classroom- a 2-acre wildlife sanctuary where displaced wildlife could find habitat and where children could learn to become environmental citizens of the 21st century.

Over the past 3 years, students have continued to remove invasive non-native plants and replant with native, habitat-enhancing and erosion controlling species. They need your help to continue their planting efforts to control erosion and enhance habitat near their school’s detention pond.

Everett High School Plants the Future

Support the students at Everett High School in their transformation of planters at their school.

Students in the Environmental System Design Class at Everett High School are working on planting native plant species in 13 large, abandoned cement planters on their urban school campus. By replanting these empty cement pots, they hope to increase biodiversity while beautifying their school grounds.  

Using their knowledge of design, native plants species, climate and urban environments, students will act as a landscape designer and create a sustainable design for the 13 neglected planters.

Your donation of plants would provide the opportunity for students to obtain native plants to actually see their planting plans come to life. Seeing their vision come to life could be the encouragement they need to explore a potential career or life-long interest in an environmental field. 


Sultan High School Plants the Future

Support students at Sultan High School in their efforts to plant a section of impaired forest near the school.

Sultan High School is fortunate to have an amazing forest area behind their school where students study environmental ecology on a regular basis. Though the forest is a treasured resource, it is impaired with invasive species and a lack of native plant diversity.

Students are taking action by removing invasive blackberry and re-planting with native plants that control erosion and provide habitat. They already received some plants to begin their restoration, but they have a 5-10 acre parcel that they hope to completely restore. Your donations will help them reach their goal of restoring their forest to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem health.