Just Released: A Great New Series of Videos for our Sound Horsekeepers

We partnered with Alayne Blickle, from Horses for Clean Water and the Rose Foundation, to create this informative series of short videos on a range of essential horsekeeping topics. The best news? Each of the 9 videos is under 2 minutes long! That means you can learn a lot in a short amount of time, you watch them all in the time it takes to cook rice or watch between commercial breaks of your favorite tv shows!

Topics include:

  • Pasture Management Basics
  • Sugars in Grasses– managing pasture with horse health in mind
  • Covering Compost
  • Footing Choices for Paddocks
  •  Least Toxic Fly Control
  • Native Plants for Buffers and Mud Management
  • Using Sand Footing in Paddocks
  • Roof Runoff Harvesting
  • Solar Power Use on Horse Properties