Hügelkultur is a German word that means hill or mound. In agriculture and gardening, it means no-dig raised beds constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximize surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.


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WCC Crew Sighting in Monroe

When the Washington Conservation Corps crew starts their contract year, they get right to work. And, mind you, they often get more done in a day than a normal person or household gets done in a month!

Their first project this year was to return to the Department of Ecology grant location off of Highway 2 near the Arco Station near Monroe to do some needed maintenance.

From the returning crew lead, Ali Trout, "We spent the last two days pulling night shade at the Monroe Wetlands site. The night shade mono-culture area is supposed to be a branch of the creek, but it has been so choked out by the night shade, that the creek doesn’t really exist anymore. The water just slowly trickled through the night shade mat. We cleared 2,600 sq ft so far and about 21 cubic yards for volume."

Yeah. We're glad they're back to work.

Keep watching the site for official photos of the 2017/2018 crew.