Where is French Creek?

French Creek originates in the Cascade foothills north of the Snohomish River and is a major tributary to the Snohomish River. Lower French Creek is heavily channelized and utilized for agricultural drainage as it crosses the floodplain before entering the Snohomish River just upstream from the Pilchuck Confluence.  Connection to the river is controlled through a flood-gate and pump station.  Most of the floodplain portion of the watershed lies within the French Slough Flood Control District (FSFCD) with a small portion within the City of Monroe. View map of watershed

The problem in French Creek:

  • French Creek has chronically low dissolved oxygen much of the year, and high temperatures in the summer, effectively creating a barrier to fish migration.

  • The pump station and dikes at the mouth of French Creek, combined with frequently poor water quality, create barriers to upstream and downstream fish passage, especially for Coho salmon. Coho productivity could be substantially improved by removal or alteration of these barriers combined with habitat restoration and protection.

  • Increased flood frequency and intensity, sea level rise and β€œking tides,” especially when combined with subsided land (land that is sinking, such as peat ground), create growing challenges for FSFCD and the farmers, flooding impact structures, roads and bridges, and other infrastructure protected by FSFCD dikes and pump system.

What's being done to help?

The District is supporting the French Creek project by providing outreach and technical assistance to landowners. We will be hosting several neighborhood meetings, farm and site tours, volunteer events compost parties and hosting several workshops. In addition, our Resource Planners are available to provide technical assistance and provide possible cost share funding to landowners.

For more information contact Cindy Dittbrenner at 425-377-7005 or cindy@snohomishcd.org.

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