You Can Learn a Lot on Your Commute Home

...If You Drive Highway 2 or Are A Fuselage

If you live in Monroe, and commute to I-5 and places beyond, you may see an Arco station along your route on the north side of Highway 2. Next to that Arco station are 8 acres of wetlands that the Snohomish Conservation District is helping to restore through a Department of Ecology grant. It is a unique opportunity to be so close to a major roadway making it highly visible. The hope is that this project site will promote public education, a sense of stewardship and a personal connection to the watershed.

If you're driving by, look down and you might just see a bunch of pink flags. Those indicate our crews have been hard at work maintaining the land.

The goal of this project is to improve water temperatures and dissolved oxygen levels, and restore wetland hydrology by improving water storage, groundwater recharge, and reduce downstream flooding in the French Creek subbasin.

Partners on this project include Department of Ecology (State of Washington), Snohomish Conservation District (SCD), Washington Conservation Corps, City of Monroe, Snohomish County Parks. The project lead is Alex Pittman, Habitat Restoration Specialist with SCD. Please reach out to him at alex (at) or 425-377-7013 with any questions.