Katherine Staberow wins Better Ground Showcase Award

Katherine Staberow | Sound Home

Katherine has been a huge driver of restoration and stormwater work on her own property and her neighborhood NGPA. She has led projects with enthusiasm, working cooperatively with this group of over 30 properties. Her initiative has been a huge driver in implementing these conservation efforts, as she has brought great enthusiasm and easy communication. In December, Katherine coordinated a volunteer planting event to kick off restoration activities, with over 20 neighbors coming together to plant over 400 plants! 

Q: What motivates you to be a good steward of the land?

A: My parents instilled in me at a young age that it is our responsibility to care for the land that God gave us. I grew up in Cle Elum, where our family regularly enjoyed being outdoors – gardening, camping, hiking, biking and boating – and where my parents taught me how to responsibly care for our own 26 acres of land as well as the wilderness we so much enjoyed. When I moved to Western Washington, I quickly recognized the challenges of urban sprawl. When we purchased our home and became a part of suburbia, my husband and I wholeheartedly agreed that we need to be a part of the solution within urban sprawl, rather than contribute to the problem. We further recognize that being a good steward of our land, both here at home and when we are out enjoying the wilderness, is something we want to teach our son as well. We want him, and many generations to come, to be able to enjoy the beauty of our land and recognize it is our responsibility to see that becomes reality. Together, these have strongly motivated me to be a good steward of our land.

Q:  What actions have you taken as a steward that you're most proud of and/or that you feel have made the biggest difference?

A: I am proud of the way my family has made being a steward simply a normal way of life for us. I hope our lifestyle demonstrates to and encourages others that it isn’t complicated or difficult to be a good steward of our land; it simply requires intentional decisions that quickly become a normal, wonderful way to enjoy life. The projects at our home and in our neighborhood on which we have partnered with the Snohomish Conservation District are fantastic examples of this that will make an incredible difference literally right here in our backyard.

Photo of Stormwater runoff before project installation
Photo showing progress after installation- no more muddy run-off
Photo of planting AREA