Discovery Elementary Expands Their Watering Horizons

For a number of years, Snohomish Conservation District has been teaching students at Discovery Elementary School in Mukilteo about watersheds and how to protect our environment. This year in addition to classroom lessons and time with one of our district engineers, with funding from the Puget Sound Starts at My School program, our Veterans Conservation Corps Crew installed rain cisterns near their community garden. The water captured from the roofs of the portables provides a consistent water source for those vegetables.

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We also held a rain barrel workshop at this school in March in both Spanish and English called “Save the Rain Workshop” or “Ahorre La Lluvia.”

Students at Discovery Elementary continue to impress us with their love of the natural world. Two years ago, we honored one of them as a Youth Conservation Leader of the Year Award at our 2018 Better Ground Showcase.

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