From Farms to Food Banks - Part One

Over the past two months, Snohomish Conservation District and local community groups have been busy growing veggie starts for the benefit of others. Reverend Jim Eichner from Food Bank Farm, utilized help from numerous girl scouts and corporate groups, to aid in his goal of raising one million pounds of fresh produce for food banks by 2021.

Monroe High FFA students have also been busy growing veggies for others - through their annual plant sale, as well as for local residents of Housing Hope. SCD converted six residential yards of Housing Hope's single-family home units to edible oases.

Come check out these lawn makeovers at our our Lawns to Lettuce showcase event on June 2nd! Make sure to stop by and grab a hot dog and a veggie start!

Give a person a tomato they have one meal. Give them a tomato start and they have tomatoes all summer long! Thank you to everyone involved.

Do you want to join the food growing party? Pledge to Plant A Row, and if you live locally and do so before May 31st, we'll send you free seeds!