Sheet Mulching Examples Courtesy of Our Vet Crew

One of our ongoing projects has been with Bay View Methodist Church above Padilla Bay in Skagit County. It's not unusual for conservation corps crews to be hired by other counties or agencies to complete projects.

In this case, we thought it would be a great example of how you can turn a weed infested hillside into a beautiful garden bed with a little elbow grease and cardboard.

And, here's another example of setting up raised beds for growing food in Monroe. We hope that many residents of Snohomish County and Camano Island, or anywhere for that matter, remove some of their lawn and replace that square footage with growing food sustainably. In this case, they also placed a rain barrel nearby that can help save the resident money by utilizing the rainwater that falls on her property. 

This is a simple example of natural yard care and more information can be found on our resources page for Lawns to Lettuce.