Growing Community Gardens with Housing Hope

With support from Snohomish Conservation District, two Housing Hope locations were able to make highly productive use of their garden spaces this year. Many gardeners had never grown anything before and were tentative to begin. Others once owned land and were hungry for the chance to grow food again. All were welcome and found a place for their skills.  

For many, it was simply joyful to see something grow as many of life's more recent efforts had been less fruitful. For others, it provided an opportunity to feel useful and competent again.

There were also many opportunities for children to learn and play throughout the whole growing season. As one child exclaimed, โ€œYou can eat a bean right off the bush!โ€

These gardens create space and beauty that all of the Housing Hope residents can enjoy.

Through urban agriculture grants through the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and our internal Lawns to Lettuce program, Snohomish Conservation District (SCD) was able to provide a growing season of technical assistance. The Housing Hope clients could truly be involved and they were thrilled to do so. And, in preparation for next yearโ€™s growing season, Housing Hope in Everett also got four garden beds installed this fall that are filled and ready for 2019.  

We are very proud of the work that Housing Hope residents put into these spaces and are excited to see SCDโ€™s partnership with Housing Hope grow.

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