I Love Lake Rebate Program Implementation

Frequently, we have incentives here in the district to have specific work done with natural resources in mind. During the fall, one of those incentives was to have riparian zones (aka planting along a waterway) to help prevent stormwater runoff and other pollutants from reaching the Lake Stevens. Snohomish Conservation District offered rebates and/or labor to homeowners who planted native or drought-tolerant landscaping. This is the tale of one of those landowners who took advantage of the program.

Before photos:

After photos:

Technical Stats:

  • 93 plants were planted, including geraniums, irises, day lilies, and sword ferns.

  • It took one day of work for two people.

  • We amended the plantings with compost.

  • We added a yard of mulch over the top to help suppress weeds and grass for now, but in the future, we will be removing all of the lawn and possibly doing some terracing work for them.

  • Alicia and Cameron, members of our Community Conservation Team, wheelbarrowed in all the compost and mulch down that steep hill. And, it’s steeper than it looks in the pictures!

  • The planted buffer is 15-feet. A 10-feet wide gap was left open to allow for access to the lake, and we did not plant the space between the stairway and the dock to allow access to the dock.

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Our goal is a clean, blue and algae-free lake.