Vet Crew Sighting at Holy Rosary in Tacoma -Depave Project (Part One)

The Vet Crew has been using big machinery recently to remove a huge section of pavement at the Holy Rosary Parish in Tacoma. You've probably seen the church's steeple when driving by on I-5 near the Tacoma Dome.

This project is a part of a grant received by Pierce Conservation District to Depave Puget Sound. More information here. This location alone is removing 17,000 sq. ft. of pavement!

Why is it critical to remove pavement? Here's an answer from the Depave website, a non-profit out of Portland, Oregon:

"The problem is concrete. Paved surfaces contribute to stormwater pollution, whereby rainwater carries toxic urban pollutants to local streams and rivers, greatly degrading water quality and riparian habitats. Pavement also disconnects us from our natural world.

"The solution is clear. The removal of impervious pavements will reduce stormwater pollution and increase the amount of land available for habitat restoration, urban farming, trees, native vegetation, and beauty, thus providing us with greater connections to the natural world."

In the case of Holy Rosary, they will be replacing this paved area with a kids playground and garden bed.

See more photos from the project here.