Everett Rain Garden Class of 2017

Over a few weeks in September, our Vet Crew excavated and constructed rain gardens across Everett, including the neighborhoods of Delta, Riverside, Silver Lake, and View Ridge Madison. The original pilot program started in the Northwest Neighborhood so it’s great to see the rebate program move across the city.

These rain gardens will help filter rainwater from roofs (and the sky!) and divert runoff into the storm drains. This is particularly important in north Everett, where heavy rainfall exceeding the capacity of the local water treatment facility gets released with sewage into the Snohomish River. This is due to the presence of combined sewer overflows, and the more we can do to delay water from entering the sewage system during storms, the cleaner our natural bodies of water will be.

In addition to being good for the environment, these six homeowners now have beautiful gardens to enjoy for years to come. Check out these before and after photos!

If you live in Everett and are interested in receiving a $2500 rebate towards constructing a rain garden, check out http://www.everettwa.gov/raingardens. Our partnership with them helped make these rain gardens possible - your house could be next year!