Mud Puddles No More!

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a bus in a mud puddle! This project in Lake Forest Park aimed to fix that.

We recently finished the construction of a rain garden at Town Center in Lake Forest Park. Watch the video tour to learn about the elements of the rain garden and the stormwater it will collect! Partners include Stewardship Partners, Lake Forest Park Streamkeepers, Bank of America, Veterans Conservation Corps, Town Center at Lake Forest Park, and Lake Forest Park, Washington.

Mark Phillips, a volunteer with the Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers, had the original idea to put in a rain garden. After securing funding from the City Council, he reached out to the Snohomish Conservation District to help design and implement the garden. Over the course of one week, our Vet Crew excavated soil, cut pipe, and poured concrete to create one of the most technically-demanding rain gardens the District has ever installed. Now, instead of a plain lawn, bus riders and city hall visitors alike will have a beautiful rain garden to enjoy!

Want a rain garden where you live or at your place of work or worship? Contact us!