Robbie Johnson

Working with the SCD on our original property was like having a very-experienced friend help us along the way. They gave us the confidence we needed to spend money on things like rock for the heavy-use area, lime for our pastures, a million t-posts for our track, and hearty tree-starts and grass seed for our budding forest and neighboring pastures.
— Robbie Johnson

Robbie is a very proactive and enthusiastic cooperator who enjoys implementing best management practices and seeing them have a positive impact on his land. This includes everything from new heavy use areas, manure bins, and renovated pastures to re-foresting 50 acres to preserve as a mixed conifer forest. He and his wife run a therapeutic horse experience for young people on their property. Not only do the best practices help the horses and the land, they also positively impact youth coming to engage with the horses. β€œRobbie is the most proactive, energetic and encouraging cooperator you will ever see, who is genuinely happy getting best management practices on the ground and see the positive impact they have on his land,” says farm planner, Michael Hipp.

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