Andy Loch

My motivation to be a good steward is grounded in the word steward. I see myself as not an owner but temporary occupant. I coupled this with the idiom β€œactions speak louder than words.” How could I advocate for the conservation of our natural resources if I wasn’t doing it myself? If not me, then who, if not now then when?
— Andy Loch

In 2013, Andy bought the property that had historically been the Sorgenfrei family farm. Elsie Sorgenfrei had previously spoken to SCD about restoration, but Andy was the one who got the project really rolling. Andy enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program or CREP, and he agreed to the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation securing a grant to restore the stream. As a result, 6.8 acres of stream were planted with over 3,500 native trees and shrubs, and his livestock, now fenced out of the stream, were provided with an off-stream watering system. Thanks to Andy for his dedication and diligence to follow through with his restoration intentions!

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