Jeremy Visser | Soil Health

What's your connection to the land?

I'm a fourth generation farmer from Sumas Washington. I started farming with my brother and Dad in Sumas. We have four farms in Whatcom County, one near Stanwood and one near the City of Snohomish.

What actions have you taken as a steward that you're most proud of and/or that you feel have made the biggest difference? 

Building soil health is key to our operation. We have 2500 acres in cropland, and purchase crops from farmers with another 1500 acres. They purchase our manure and compost to enrich their fields, and use corn produced for our dairy as a rotation crop in their operations. It works well for everyone.

What’s your hope for the next 75 years? And/or what advice do you have for those next 75 years? 

We want to continue to improve the land - improving soil health, proper drainage systems, and so on. Being a dairy farm we produce good manure and compost to use on the land, which in turn provides the feed for the cows. It's a unique 'closed-loop system' where we can give back to the land.

Anything else you want to share or feel is important?

We have been blessed to find situations that have allowed us to expand and a good group of crop farmers around us to work with. It's been a blessing to have so much open land here in Snohomish County. In Whatcom County, farms are very condensed. We focus on animal husbandry, that's our competitive advantage. As my grandfather always said..(referring to their dairy herd)..."You take care of the girls, and they'll take care of you".

Who are you?

  • Name: Jeremy Visser
  • Where is home? Stanwood, Wa
  • Where are you from? Sumas, WA