Jeff Ellingsen | Positive Conservation

What's your connection to the land?

I dairy and cropped in the Stanwood area. I am a 4th generation to the farm.

What actions have you taken as a steward that you're most proud of and/or that you feel have made the biggest difference?

Working with Snohomish Conservation and having a DNMP (Dairy Nutrient Management Plan). Helping the environment and making the farm more economical at the same time.

What’s your hope for the next 75 years? And/or what advice do you have for those next 75 years?

To keep farming profitable in Snohomish County along with improving the environment, saving farmland while increasing fish populations and habitat.

Anything else you want to share or feel is important?

Snohomish Conservation District is a great resource for farmers and the environment in Snohomish County.

Who are you?

  • Name: Jeff Ellingsen
  • Where is home? Stanwood, WA
  • Where are you from? Stanwood, WA