Dan and Judy Bartelheimer | Responsible Stewardship

What's your connection to the land?

Both Dan and Judy's Dad's and Grandparents farmed in the area. Judy's started in the late 1880's, coming from Austria, and farmed in the Marshland area. Her father was George Stecher, who served on the soil conservation board with George Stocker. They worked with George Pettibone. Dan's Grandfather moved to Washington from Nebraska in 1914, before the dust bowl. He came here from Germany when he was 16 years old, and on the way met a family named Ohlde. The Ohlde's settled in Washington and convinced Dan's Grandfather that it looked just like Germany and he should come West.

What actions have you taken as a steward that you're most proud of and/or that you feel have made the biggest difference?

Dan - Stewardship is daily actions, whether in a field you own, or one you rent. You treat it all the same and try to do what's right.  

Judy - It's given to us by God, we try to leave it as good or better than when we started 

What’s your hope for the next 75 years? And/or what advice do you have for those next 75 years?

We've got to take better care of the land - it's not short term, it's for the long haul.

Anything else you want to share or feel is important?

We all have a lot to learn, things are constantly evolving. We've got to learn to compromise, we're here on this earth together and we all have to learn to cooperate.

Who are you?

  • Name: Dan and Judy Bartelheimer
  • Where is home? SnoValley Farm, Snohomish
  • Where are you from? Judy-Marshland, Snohomish area. Dan - Snohomish