Sarah Arney | Connecting with Nature

What's your connection to the land?

I was 11 when my father bought 100 acres on the Stillaguamish River near Oso and have enjoyed camping in the pasture, picnics on the river bar and jumping off the cliff and swimming in the river all my life since then. My father was a dairy farmer who found his paradise at this Oso farm. My brother lives next door and we continue to share a love for this place, our home.

What actions have you taken as a steward that you're most proud of and/or that you feel have made the biggest difference? 

Replanting along the river and the stream that cuts through the farm will transform the land and help protect water quality for fish and provide habitat for other critters. We also preserved 20 acres on the other side of the river by transferring ownership to the Stillaguamish Tribe.

What’s your hope for the next 75 years? And/or what advice do you have for those next 75 years? 

Clean water for all; Just keep at it!

Anything else you want to share or feel is important?

Thanks to the Snohomish Conservation District for all its efforts in preserving our quality of life by helping keep the land and water clean and fresh.

Who are you?

  • Name: Sarah Arney
  • Where is home? Arlington
  • Where are you from? Here