Benefits of Native Landscaping

Landscaping the edge of your property with plants, trees and shrubs can protect local waterways from stormwater pollution while adding privacy, visual interest, and year-round color!

Benefits of a shoreline buffer:

  • Add color and architectural interest to enhance your view and outdoor living space  
  • Promote privacy while maintaining waterfront access and views 
  • Reduce shoreline erosion 
  • Diffuse loud noises coming from other boats on the water
  • Address drainage and soggy spots
  • Attract butterflies and birds
  • Protect Lake Stevens from problematic algal blooms

NEW! $250 Landscaping Rebate!

We are offering special mini-grants of up to $250 to eligible shoreline properties to buy *plants.

How it works:

  • Eligible properties must be within the Lake Steven's Watershed. Properties that are within a quarter mile of the Lake will be prioritized, with highest priority given to lakefront properties and properties bordering streams, or other water bodies. Not sure if you're eligible? Get in touch!
  • *Plants must be climate appropriate or native to our region. 
  • The first step is to fill out the interest form below or contact Laura at, or 425-377-7018.
  • If you meet the pre-screening requirements in your interest form, our staff will then send you a rebate application.  In the application you will be required to submit a description of the project and a planting plan with estimated total expenses. If you'd like assistance developing your planting plan our staff can provide a free landscaping consultation and a planting plan.
  • When your planting plan and application have been officially approved, you'll sign a rebate agreement form. Then, you can start buying plants that you'll be reimbursed for (must save all copies of receipts to be eligible for rebate).

Questions? Contact Laura for more information at laura(at), 425-377-7018