The 'I Love Lake' Campaign

Whether living, working or playing near the lake, we all love this local treasure- it is a huge part of who we are as a community. The lake is vital to the economy, tied to property values, and provides myriad recreation- drawing locals and tourists alike. 

Unfortunately, Lake Stevens has struggled with algal blooms for decades. From the old aerator to the current alum treatment, algal blooms threaten the health and safety of the lake (read the full history here). While the alum treatments work, they are costly and only a short-term solution to a bigger problem. 

Why so much algae?

Storm water pollution—a combination of rainwater, oil, heavy metals, fertilizer, dirt and animal droppings—washes off city streets into Lake Stevens, fueling problematic algal blooms. We can't solve the algae issue unless we tackle stormwater pollution - and it takes each of us, doing our part every day. 

Buffer your shoreline - Plant a Garden

Planting a garden with plants, shrubs and trees on the edge of your property can ‘buffer’ local waterways from stormwater pollution.

Benefits of a shoreline buffer:

  • Reduce shoreline erosion 
  • Address drainage and soggy spots
  • Attract butterflies and birds
  • Add color and architectural interest to enhance your view and outdoor living space  


NEW! Funding is now available for buffers

We are offering special mini-grants of up to $200 to eligible shoreline properties to buy plants.

  • A landscape architect will be available to provide a planting plan for your shoreline.
  • If you are interested in learning more about these mini-grants, fill out the form below or contact Laura at, or 425-377-7018.

Interested in applying for a mini-grant to purchase plants for your property? Fill out this form or give us a call: (425) 377-7018

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