Thomas Bulthuis | Habitat Restoration Coordinator

Contact Thomas at or 425-377-7013

Thomas earned his Masters in Environmental Resource Management from the University of Essex, focusing on the community and environmental benefits of ecologically sound habitat corridors in semi-urban and rural landscapes. This was preceded by a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies.

He spent a year on a Washington Conservation Corps field crew implementing riparian restoration projects and managing noxious weed populations in King County, followed by a second term where he worked closely with King County professional staff to help design and manage restoration projects for several Washington Conservation Corps crews.

Picture of alex organizing plants at our annual plant sale

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

I love to stay active in our outdoor spaces in a variety of ways, though most often you will find me in a pair of trail shoes running through our mountains and watersheds. I love to throw a plant guide in my running pack and identify any plant I don't yet know and add it to the community of plants I get to watch as the seasons change.

Why do you work here (at the District)?

Being here allows me to work and learn with the amazing people in our region, promoting a sense of shared place and environmental stewardship.

Bonus fact!

  • More often than not, my favorite native plant is the Indian Plum.