Carrie Brausieck | Resource Planner

Contact Carrie at or 425-377-7014

Carrie is a resource planner at the District who works with the diverse agricultural community on a wide variety of issues. Carrie comes to us from a conservation district in Virginia. She holds a Masters in Environmental Policy and a Bachelors in Environmental Management. A native of Bellingham, Carrie left the state in 2000 to live and worked in New Mexico, Germany and Virginia gaining experience in areas such as finance, anthropology, climate change, conservation, environmental security, environmental policy and sustainability.

What do you like about living in the Pacific Northwest?

Of all the places that I have lived the PNW is at the top of my list. The climate is cool and conducive to being outdoors any season of the year. The beauty of the mountains, the smell of the sea, the creative energy of PNW inhabitants. I can spend a day kayaking on the water and the next day hiking or skiing in the Cascades and in the evenings enjoy a funky cafe or bar and live music of any kind. What a lifestyle! And the trees! I love the trees!

Why do you work here (at the District)?

I love being out in the field and working with the diversity of landowners that exist in the county. There are so many different ideas and ventures that people are trying. It is always a learning experience. Working with people to realize their goals for their land while protecting natural resources at the same time is very rewarding.

Bonus fact!

  • I am a dark chocolate junkie! I am really addicted!