Native Plants for Rain Gardens

Native plants work great in rain gardens – they are adapted to our wet winters, and drought-tolerant in the summer once they are established. There are endless possibilities in choosing plants for your rain garden, but here are a few of our great native plants that would do well and be a compliment to your landscape. Some of the shrubs do get quite large, so keep this in mind and make sure you have adequate space.


Zone 1 Plants
•Red Osier Dogwood
•Sedges and Rushes
•Pacific Coast Iris
•Tufted Hair Grass

Zone 2 Plants
•Indian Plum
•Vine Maple
•Beaked Filbert
•Pacific Ninebark
•Low Oregon Grape
•Piggyback Plant


Zone 3 Plants
•Mock Orange
•Red Flowering Currant
•Ocean Spray
•Coastal Strawberry
•Evergreen Huckleberry

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