What is a Farm Plan?

A farm plan is a tool that is developed by your local conservation district and you, to help you manage the resources on your land.

The plan contains an inventory of your farm or property and outlines actions and a schedule for you to make improvements based on your goals for the property. Once you decide that you want a farm plan, the Conservation District planner will evaluate your property’s inherent resources such as; soil, water, animals, plants and air quality. You will also receive an aerial photo showing soils, field layout, water sources, and other features.

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After an Animal Dies, Then What?

Our wet, windy and damp winters can be very hard on aging and sick animals. Winter can also be a difficult time to bury a carcass on your farm, or to remove it. Mud makes it difficult to drive through pastures and around barns, roads are slick, and the groundwater table is high. If you believe you may lose an animal over the winter, think ahead about where to bury or compost it on your farm, or if you would prefer to have the animal picked up for rendering or cremation.

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