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Assistance to Dairy Producers

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Snohomish Conservation District has been assisting farm and forest owners for more than 77 years. The assistance provided to dairy producers by the District currently revolves around helping producers comply with the State Dairy Nutrient Management Act, a state law applicable to all licensed dairies. The District has no regulatory authority but acts as a liaison between the regulatory authority and the farm producer.

Snohomish Conservation District treats all dairy properties equally, as it relates to state law. The District has a long-standing rapport with dairy producers, as well as others in the agriculture community. The District works especially close with farm owners under the Dairy Nutrient Management Act to provide support, technical services, and in some cases, financial assistance, to help them bring their operations under compliance with State law.

Dairy producers can request assistance from their local conservation district with the following:

  • A dairy nutrient management plan - a document that is required as part of the Dairy Nutrient Management Act to assist farmers in meeting the requirements of RCW 90.64, which is enforced by the Washington State Department of Agriculture*.
  • Technical assistance in the form of engineering designs
  • Permit assistance
  • Soil tests
  • Financial assistance

*Dairy producers are not required to work with their local conservation districts. Other options for assistance in meeting requirements of the Dairy Nutrient Management Act are available to all dairy producers through consultants and private enterprise.

For more information, contact:

  • Snohomish Conservation District - Monte Marti | 425-359-3085 |
  • Washington State Dairy Federation - Jay Gordon | 360-482-3485
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture - Virginia Prest | 360-902-2894 

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