Digging in and Learning at Discover Soils Field Day

Farmers, producers, and ag technical advisors gathered together to dig in and learn about soils and nutrients at Discover Soils Field Day on May 3. Held in one of Natural Milk Dairy's fields, the group learned about how soil type and structure affect water-holding capacity, how to read soil test results, and what are the ideal conditions for spreading manure. They compared their skills in estimating soil moisture by hand to moisture meters and dug into the soil on site to evaluate qualities that make soils resilient to extremes in temperature, moisture, and other stresses we may experience as the climate changes.

Part of a nutrient management training series provided in Whatcom, Snohomish, and King counties, this field day was developed by Whatcom Conservation District, and partially funded by the Washington Department of Agriculture, Stillaguamish Clean Water District, and the Tulalip Tribes.

Thanks to Nichole Embertson, PhD and Jason Morrow of Whatcom Conservation District for their excellent program, presentations, and demonstrations.

Thanks also to presenters...

  • Doug Collins, PhD., WSU Center for Sustaining Ag & Natural Resources - soil test interpretation
  • Carrie Brausieck, Snohomish Conservation District - soil health and climate resiliency

And thanks to Jeremy Visser and Natural Milk Dairy for generously hosting us when the field we used needed to be turned over!