Puget Sound Starts at My School

Puget Sound Starts at My School

Several schools recently finished up their participation in a National Fish and Wildlife funded grant, Puget Sound Starts at My School. This program involved 658 students in the planning, design, and installation of stormwater projects on school campuses. In total, the projects completed through this grant will divert and filter an estimated 435,769 gallons of stormwater every year!

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3 Crew Sighting at Riparian Planting near Arlington

Location: West of Arlington

Activity: Plant a 6.5-acre riparian buffer. The stream on the property is a tributary to Pilchuck Creek and has been a documented spawning stream for Coho. A new channel was dug this past summer to increase salmon survival as they migrate upstream, and a buffer planting is typically done to keep water temperature low and dissolved oxygen levels high. 

Date: Thursday, February 23

Of Note: This was a rare 3-crew sighting! While this planting has been an ongoing project for the last several months; on Thursday, our WCC crew got some help from the City of Arlington's WCC crew* and our new Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC) crew. The VCC crew is a brand new crew of U.S. military veterans that we created in partnership with the Veterans Conservation Corps. This crew, of 4 veterans, has broad backgrounds covering several decades of military service. Stay tuned for more information and features with this crew- they will primarily focus on executing the construction of rain gardens and other stormwater related projects. 

* Normally contracted with the City of Arlington as part of an agreement with the City and the Washington Department of Natural Resources to help cross-trained WCC crew members.