How to Plant Your Plants - Bare-root, Plugs, Potted and Live Stakes

Hello Plant Sale folks!

Most of the snow is gone unless you live in the foothills, so if you haven't already, you may put your new plants in the ground. As long as you can dig into the soil, you can plant.

Bare-root Plants

Planting Guide

Planting Guide

Please see our video about how to plant bare-root plants. This shows the ideal method. If you already planted and didn't follow these instructions exactly, do not worry! As long as you didn't plant them upside down, they'll probably be okay. 

Video: How to Plant Bare-root Plants

Plugs and Potted Plants

Plugs: Gently loosen the root plug a little bit before planting them, then put them in the ground so that the soil line of the plug matches the surface of the ground. 

Potted Plants: If the roots are circling the inside of the pot, loosen them gently to spread them out in the hole where they will be planted.

Live Stakes

Please see the attached quick guide to planting live stakes (willow or red osier dogwood). 

The buds point upward. 

  • Soak your live stakes for a day or so in cool water before planting.

  • Cut the bottom of the stake at an angle to maximize the area that will take up water, like you would for cut flowers. 

  • Leave the top of the stake as is.

  • Follow the instructions in the guide to put them in the ground.

Water all of your plants well after planting. If we continue to get rain for the next month or two, you may not need to water them again until later this spring. But if we enter a dry spell, try to keep the soil moist.

Please let us know if you have questions by calling 425-335-5634. 

Happy Planting!