Livingston Watershed Grant Completed

Snohomish Conservation District wrapped up a small grant in the Livingston watershed of Camano Island recently. Our outreach, consisting of 3 workshops and 2 articles in the local community news (the Crab Cracker), focused on how residents who own livestock and horses can manage mud, manure, and their pastures. Several residents took advantage of free advice from our farm planners to improve their properties for their animals’ health, improve their ability to do chores quickly and without hassle, and improve their soil health and pasture quality. Ultimately, these same practices help ensure that pollutants don’t run off into ditches that lead to Livingston Bay.

A new grant centered around the Sound Horsekeeping program will launch soon, and Camano Island residents can expect to see more workshops on the island and in the Stanwood area. Even before this grant starts, please call us if your boots are getting sucked off your feet or you have more manure than you can manage. We’re here to help!