Kristoferson Update - Week Two

Week One:
Kristoferson Creek Culvert Replacement

Quick Progress at the Barnum/Triangle Bay Road Site

It was a fast-paced week at the project site (in spite of the Monday holiday). The contractor will place the culvert at Barnum/Triangle Bay Road and rebuild the road next week. The road may re-open as early as Thursday, September 13th (but it may be the 14th). The section where excavation occurred will likely remain graveled and both roads paved at the same time (although I just read that the construction strike has ended, so perhaps this will change... I'll keep you posted). 

Russell Road may be closed as early as the end of next week; I'll send out an email when I know the road closure date. You will be able to use Barnum/Triangle Bay Rd. while Russell Rd. is closed to get around the construction, although the detour route will direct traffic to use Shumway Rd. and Sunrise Blvd. 

I want to thank everyone for keeping the construction area safe and staying behind the road closure barriers. We will continue to share photos of the work on the project webpage.

As always, please call or email me if you have any questions.

Kristin Marshall
Senior Habitat Restoration Specialist
Snohomish Conservation District
(425) 377-7017


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