Fair Season Has Begun

Snohomish Conservation District attended both the Silvana Fair on July 28 and the Stanwood-Camano Fair from August 3-5 in north Snohomish County. Each year we host a booth and give out information and advice to land owners with agricultural land or urban landscapes.

This year, we have been pushing a new program called the Lower Stillaguamish Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC), in which Snohomish Conservation District, Snohomish County, and other local partners are focusing on the Lower Stillaguamish River Basin due to fecal coliform bacteria levels exceeding Washington State water quality standards. 

A little easier to digest (pun intended): 

Fecal coliform are a group of bacteria found in the feces of warm-blooded animals such as people, livestock, pets, and wildlife. Sources of fecal contamination include failing on-site septic systems, livestock access to creeks, improper manure storage or application, and pet waste. 

If any of the issues above concern you, please check out the project area map to see if you may qualify and reach out to Alex Pittman at 425-377-7013.

We also had farm planners on-site at each event to answer questions and be out in the field, so to speak, to meet farmers and landowners where they are.

Beyond that, we chatted with a lot of wonderful people and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful farm animals.

Next weekend is Stillaguamish Festival of the River and Pow Wow, Warm Beach Summer Fest and the Index Arts Festival. Make sure to visit our Events Calendar to find out where we'll be next.

Inside of the blue lines represents the area covered by Phase 2 of the PIC.

Inside of the blue lines represents the area covered by Phase 2 of the PIC.